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[Trisha's PCD turns on while it sits on her bed side table.  She's up and getting ready in the darkness of her room.  She's wearing what appears to be more travel appropriate clothing and a long trench coat that goes down to her knees.  Once the coat is on, she looks around the room trying to decide if she's missing anything else.  She moves to grab her PCD and, after fumbling in the dark for a moment, she accidentally knocks over a the lamp that was sitting on the table, breaking it as it hits the ground.]

[Trisha sighs, since she was obviously trying to make a quick and quiet get away.  She brings her hands in front of her and claps them together before kneeling down out of the camera's sight by the broken lamp.  A bright flash can be seen and a moment later, the lamp is put back on the table in one piece and Trisha grabs her PCD and pockets it quickly.]

[Also, in the bright flash that was shown from the alchemy she performed, the necklace that Alphonse and Edward gave her for Christmas can be seen.  Abandoned on the table.]

[Feed ends in her pocket.]

Video Post 62

[The PCD turns on but the camera angle is a big strange.  It looks like the PCD was dropped at some point and the sounds of a dog barking, those of you in Solve will know it is Taro, can be heard.  Suddenly, there's a flash of fur as Taro runs by the PCD and is followed closely by Trisha (who has the ears and tail of a collie) with broom in hand.]

Bad dog, Taro!  This isn't your dinner.  You'll have your dinner later, but you're not going to sneak a few bites of ours.

[She uses the broom to shoo the dog out, who is whimpering because she didn't get his way.  Trisha sighs and leans the broom against the wall.  Then she grabs her PCD and pockets it, not even realizing that it was on.  She moves back to continue her cooking.]

[The feed ends.]

Video Post 61

[This last event was a pleasant one but, just like the last time it happened, it just reminds Trisha more about the husband she has lost and the little boys that she left behind in her world (she has Ed and Al here but...she misses her little boys as well...little boys sometimes).]

To those who I was related to last week, I'd like to remain in contact.  Even if we're not family anymore, I enjoyed our relations, no matter what they might have been.  It was a nice event, to say the very least.

[Well...except for being related to Mayuri...but she'll ignore that for now.]

But I am glad that things are back to normal.  And I hope everyone is doing well now that things have settled down again.

Video Post 60

I think we all may have gotten lucky this week.  It seems that the Animus didn't give us an event after all.  It's nice to go a week like this without having to worry about what they might to do us.  And I'm glad I was able to spend it with family.

[Private to Lucifer//Semi-Hackable]
Would you mind joining Raven and I for dinner tonight?  You can bring Alice and Johannes along as well.  [There's a little hesitation and Johannes' name, but she manages to say it with a smile on her face.] 

I think it would be nice to have the family together just for one night.

Video Post 59

This beach is so lovely.  How long has it been since it was last here?  Over a year ago, I think.

[She looks a bit better from last week.  It seems like the medicine and Negi's charm/magic did wonders for her heath at the moment.  She's wearing a light sundress and is sitting on the porch of the house, looking out on the beach.]

It's a shame this only lasts a week.  This warm weather is so nice, especially in the dead of winter. 

Video Post 58

[Trisha didn't participate much in the snowball fight, but clearly she was outside enough in the weather that she caught something.  She had been up and about all day long, but as the day progressed she got weaker and weaker.  The feed is turned on at the end of the day and Trisha is sitting on her bed, looking absolutely exhausted.]

[She presses a few buttons, trying to make a filter, but she ultimately cannot focus enough to make one so she sends a message regardless.]

I think I may have caught something during the event.  Do we still have some of that tea that Unohana made for me?  I'm not entirely sure.

[She lets out a rough cough and she focuses on breathing until it passes.]

It might be best if I take it easy for a few days.  I'm sure I'll be fine in no time.

Voice Post 57

It's nearly Christmas.  Such a strange little holiday, but do like it.  The Animus always seem to be kinder to us around this time of the year.  Counting this year, this will be my third Christmas celebrated in Adstringendum.  It's strange how time seems to just fly by in this world.

Do you all think the Animus will be giving us a "gift" again this year?  The new buildings were a nice addition to the city last year.  I'm curious as to what might happen come tomorrow morning.

Video Post 56

[Trisha just seems to be standing in the entry way of the living room, staring inside of the room as if in deep thought.  The room is spotless (which won't last long with all the boys running around in the house) but for now everything looks perfect.  The stands there for a moment more before turning to the camera.]

Edward, Alphonse.  If one of you isn't busy, would one of you mind making some flowers for me?  I think they're just what we need to liven up the room.  

Video Post 55

[The PCD turns on to show the living room of the Elric Household.  Trisha can be seen on the couch near the lit fireplace, bundled up with some blankets to keep out the cold, and there's something in her lap that has her attention.]

[There's a small notebook in her lap and a pen in her hand.  It may be a little hard to tell, but there are many pages that seem to be filled before the current page that Trisha is on.  She seems to be writing something with a lot of enthusiasm and she looks very happy and relaxed while doing so.  The sounds of the fire going and her scribbling are really the only things that can be heard while the PCD is on.]

[Trisha glances up and catches the camera's light on the moment the feed turns off.]

Video Post 54

[The PCD turns on and shows a slightly worried looking Trisha.  Her hand is wrapped in a towel and a bit of blood can be seen showing through the fabric.  She doesn't look like she's in any pain at all, despite the bleeding of her hand.  There's shattered glass from a plate over the counter.]

Boys...how are the medical supplies in the first aid kit?  I think we might have to make sure we're well stocked this week.

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